Sunday, 27 March 2011

FG One Night in Sri Lanka Them onto the Ship

My bed at the hotel

Having a binge, before my work starts

That's the ship I'm on the "Gaschem Warnow"

This is where I am, a secret location in the Indian Ocean

Checking out the life boat

Trying on my life jacket

On the trainning dummies knee

Trying out my helmet, I could have done with a smaller size!!

 I got to sit on the captains chair

My bed on ship was better than the hotel 

Just had time to watch the dolphins jumping

Signing off FG in the Indain Ocean

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Emailing: Sleeping FG, Japanese Gardens

FG here,  Been visiting the Shoyoen Japanese Gardens.  A gift to the city
from its Sister City, Minokamo.
  (We checked to be sure it hadn't been
affected by the earthquake and hasn't).
  Beautiful, relaxing gardens. Couldn't get a good picture with the Sumo wrestlers, but a good day

Also, it wouldn't be Saturday with out some steps!

Cheers, FG

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Flat George At The Filming Of Ides Of March

This is a sit, snap, grab, run picture.  Taken the night of February 23, at the filming of Ides of March with George Clooney in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.  The picture is terrible because we had big lights to the left and above.  That is Mr. Clooney with his back to the camera.  We know George Clooney loves pigs, he had one, but he could have given another George a smile for the camera.
The security crew had big signs on their cars Ides of March.
Flat George and Sweet William were last seen running like the devil was after them, but in truth it was just the security crew in black

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Flat George in Cincinnati, Ohio USA

Flat George here in Cincinnati, Ohio with my host Sweet William.
We are on one of the seven hills the city has ~ Mt. Adams ~ and we are
overlooking the Big Mac Bridge which locals call it because William says it
reminds everybody of the Golden Arches to McDonalds.  Kentucky in the back

We are over looking downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.  Sweet William is telling me that the tallest building in the background was just completed and that the crown on the top reminds him of the crown our Queen wears.
The twin buildings are Procter & Gamble's International Headquarters.

Cincinnati, Ohio is home of the flying pigs, doggie dashes, chicken dances and rein dog parade.  If you can believe that!  Here I am going into one of the finest dining restaurants in the city, Montgomery Inn Boat House.

Here I am, Flat George, being interviewed by Queen Janeen of the Married with Microphone Radio 103.5FM WGRR Show (does not look at all like our Queen).
We are in the Bob Hope Room, see his picture and a USO Flag.
How great is that getting interviewed and having lip smackin ribs to eat.
Sweet William, my host, wants me to say he loves DownUnder Daisy and Jazzi.
He needs a girl friend real BAD.