Sunday, 19 June 2011

FG Reporting From Cincinnati Ohio

Sweet William is taking me, Flat George, on an adventure.  He has his piggy bank and it has lots of money sticking out.  Sweet William I think you better pedal faster, we have a car on our tails and I, Flat George, don't want to be any flatter.

Here I am, Flat George, coming to you from Cincinnati, Ohio.  See the pass I have around my neck, bet you cannot guess what this pass is going to allow me, Flat George, to do!  Pass cost $995.  Sweet William The Scot gave me the money from his piggy.

The pass is going to allow me, Flat George, to get on FIfi

The last flying super fortress...still flying and here I am, Flat George, ready to take Fifi up  sitting in the pilot seat.  I am going to be a Flyboy ~ that is what you were called in the 1940's.  Flyboy Flat George sounds good!

O.K. I turned the plane over to my co-pilot to come back and sit in the navigators seat.  I am looking at the map and calculating how much fuel it will take to fly me home to England.  No can do Mom and Dad sorry.

Here I am, Flat George, heading to the back of the plane. See the cockpit behind me.
This World War II plane saw the Pacific Theatre Midway or Guam in the mid-1940's.  Hey do we know anyone in the South Pacific?   I would like to see where this plane use to land.

Fifi is the last B-29 plane still flying.  Fifi is part of the Commemorative Air Force.  Fifi was commissioned in July of 1945 (that is OLD).  She is a 66-year-old warhorse.  Boeing built about 4,000 B-29's. The bombs are fake, but the guns are real.  They don't shoot anymore.  The 33-foot tunnel connecting the cockpit with the rear gunners is still there.
Don't worry I, Flat George, won't touch anything I am not suppose to.  Hey, what does this button that says push do?  

If you hear a loud buzz it might be me over your house!
 Well Flat George, signing out now, somewhere in the sky over the United States.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Flat George Visits Turkey

FG gets the Beer's in
Dolphin Beach Fethiye Turkey

FG after getting one too many beers in!!!

That's better.....

FG Checking out the yachts at Marina Beach Fethiye