Sunday, 30 January 2011

FG Touring NSW Australia

Hi All,

I'm posing here overlooking the Capertee Valley which is either the largest enclosed valley in the world, the second largest in the world, or largest in the southern hemisphere.  Can't quite get a handle on that.  But it is huge!  The photographer didn't notice the rude graffiti until the picture came up on the computer!  B-O-L!!!!!

Cheers, FG

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

FG Celebrating Australia Day

Hi Everyone, It's Australia Day.  I spent the morning at the Official
Ceremony.  There was a Naturalisation Ceremony, Awards for various
Australians of the Year, music, sausage sizzle, cake cutting, and lots of
other activities.  It's supposed to reach 42 C (107 F), so we're celebrating
inside! Oh, just a bit of trivia.  The Coat of Arms has a kangaroo and and
emu because neither animal can go backwards.  They must go forward.  Also,
Australia is the only country that eats its National animals.  BOL! Cheers,
Flat George

 Me with the Australian Coat of Arms.

 I met this cutie, she was all dressed up!

 Waiting for the Ceremony to begin

 Celebrating with the girls.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Where is Flat George Now

To find out go via this LINK

From Gibraltar to Erbil, Iraq!!

Phfew! I just managed to escape the Apes of Gibraltar--thanks to George
the Lad's real life friends. George, you've got some great friends!

On from Gibraltar to Erbil, Iraq! Erbil is the fourth largest city in
Iraq, and the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan.

I went for a long walk on the outskirts of Erbil, viewing the
magnificent mountains and enjoying the clean air and sunshine. It was 45
(7) degrees today.

Can you see me camouflaged in the brush?

Then we went downtown and toured the Citadel. This site is the oldest
continuously inhabited town in the world. The Citadel was occupied is
5,000 BC, possibly earlier.

The Citadel is an occupied mound, in the historical heart of Erbil,
rising from the surrounding plain.

Finally, we stopped at a store there (you can see that it has a
website!). It sold rugs, scarves, books, and assorted old-looking stuff.
No old bones, though, I checked!

I'm not sure about my travel plans for tomorrow....But I'm sure that
wherever I end up, it will be exciting.

So long for now.

Travelin' FG

Friday, 21 January 2011

My Trip to Gibraltar!!!!

Come on come on, I'm packed and ready to go!

Hurry up ...Oi where are you?
I'm too young to travel alone.

Here birdy birdy

You gotta be jokin!

Wow:-O, just look at the size of me bed!
 ...what do you mean "get down" ;-(

Look Mom,Dad and big Bro Simon ...
its me and The Rock in Gibraltar.

I've met someone, not sure when I'll be home .....or if!

'Oi' shouted George, who's the idiot who
tried to get me to pose with these blasted monkeys.
and away he went:-(

Never mind taking fotos ...rescue me

Hey, who put the light out?

Oh well, I'm back on board the mechanical birdy thingy ready to fly home.
Bye bye Gib, I've really enjoyed my holiday here ... despite those peskey apes!
They didnt realise my guardians had brought a spare 'Flat George' with them when they made their escape with the 1st flat me!:-D

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Flat George Visits Sulay: Day 2

Hello, again!
This is my second day in Sulaymaniyah, and my first day out and about.
We visited a lovely park, the Municipal Park, across the street from the University of Sulaymaniyah. Students like to visit and eat lunch here.

Then on to a.....three story shopping mall. I guess that just goes to show that they are everywhere! Here's a picture of me, and my traveling pack, waiting on a bench in the mall.

 Beside me is the small package of Cuban cigars my Traveling Companion was so excited to find. She explained to me that this particular cigar was "the most eagerly-awaited" among "the enthusiasts in the art of smoking." Then she told me I was too young for one, and she didn't really approve of them anyway.
That's when I smelled the Burger House, right across the way.

 But she nixed that too, as we were headed to the open bazaar.

We saw bags of dried grains and fruits,

and the most beautiful fresh fruits.

Finally, we headed back home, where I managed to grab one of those cigar things. Definitely not as good as a greenie, or an old bone. I was just sniffing, really.....

On to Erbil, Iraq tomorrow, perhaps by way of Gibralter....if those Gibralter monkeys don't get me.

Travelin' FG

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Flat George Vists Sulaumaniyah Iraq Day 1

Hello, World,
It's me, Flat George, in the wilds of Kurdistan, in Sulaymaniyah,
Iraq--one of the 41 best places to visit in 2011, according to the New
York Times

I flew here from the American Embassy, in Baghdad. It was a long, tiring
trip, but now I'm here and ready to explore!

The city has a semi-arid climate with very hot and dry summers and very
cold winters. You can see some of the surrounding mountain ranges, as
well as the city itself, with a population of almost 800,000.

The city has several museums and many historic sites, which I might be able to
visit. There is even a MaDonals (with the golden arches), but I've heard
"it's not the real thing"--which is probably a good!

 I'm going out to dinner tomorrow night at a real restaurant!

More later, when I get up from my nap.
Travelin' FG

Monday, 17 January 2011

Flat George in Colorado

Welcome to Colorado!  We hope you enjoyed your stay. 

1. George the Lad traveled to Greeley, Colorado on January 15th to visit the Longs Peak Kennel Club Obedience Trials.  Pictures are the usual suspects (L to R) Ferry, Fremont, Sydney, George the Lad, Grace and Kylie.  The dogs were entered in Open and Utility obedience events and train under the watchful eye of Dr. Gail Clark, K-9 Shrink. 

2. George the Lad with Pam, who is from Nebraska, and her welsh puppy, who will begin obedience soon.  Pam travels often to Colorado for dog shows and currently shows her Portuguese water dog and Irish terrier.

Thanks for visiting George!  We hope to have you join us again!

Ann Chinnock and Grace

FG on his way to Gibraltar

Flat George ready for his trip to Gibraltar. Photos of his adventures will follow from tomorow;-) ...we're taking a spare, just in case a monkey runs off wth him!  

Friday, 14 January 2011

Some Good Advice from FG in Austrialia

Would you believe I met a Flat Snake!  BOL!  Remember, kids, DON'T PLAY IN TRAFFIC!

Cheers, FG

Thursday, 13 January 2011

FG in OZ

Hey George,

I know I look a bit seedy in this picture.  Chalk that up to late nights and parties!  But I wanted to show that 'George' is everywhere!

Cheers, FB